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What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia or Malabar tamarind is a Southeast Asian fruit. It has been used since a long time as a flavoring agent in various dishes and for preservation purposes. This fruit is a native of Indonesia, but it can also be found in India and West and Central Africa. It is a small, pumpkin-shaped fruit that is sour to taste. For many years, it has been used to treat problems such as gut parasites, rheumatoid arthritis, and bowel malfunctioning. It is now one of the most popular weight loss supplements recommended by doctors and fitness gurus all around the world.

In the 90s, Garcinia cambogia was in the limelight when scientists found that its extracts caused weight loss in laboratory animals. However, whether it could work its charm the same way on humans was yet to be established.

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How Does Garcinia Cambogia Help You Lose Weight

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Help You Lose Weight?

After analyzing the fruit and conducting experiments, scientists concluded that Garcinia cambogia is, in fact, effective for weight loss in humans as well. Researchers worked to unlock the mystery behind Garcinia cambogia’s weight loss properties. They found that the hydroxycitric acid or HCA present in the rind of this fruit was the main reason behind its anti-obesity property. How does Garcinia cambogia work?

1. Blocks The Enzyme Citrate Lyase

Citrate lyase is an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of starch and sugar into fat. HCA works by blocking this enzyme. It binds to citrate lyase and blocks it from binding to any other molecule. This, in turn, enables the carbohydrates to be used up as energy for bodily functions. Thus, Garcinia cambogia successfully helps to lose weight

2. Raises Serotonin Levels

Hydroxycitric acid or HCA sends appetite suppressing signals to the brain via 5-hydroxytryptophan, a precursor of the hormone serotonin. As a result, the serotonin levels rise, and it increases the level of satisfaction that one receives from food. Hence, you tend to eat less

3. Inhibits Carbohydrate Metabolism

Garcinia cambogia has been found to reduce carbohydrate metabolism by inhibiting the pancreatic enzyme alpha-amylase and intestinal enzyme alpha-glucosidase. Reduced carbohydrate metabolism leads to a significant amount of weight loss

Scientific Test Results

  • Buy a good brand of Garcinia cambogia extract pills (Like this). They should contain 50-60% hydroxycitric acid. Take these pills on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before your meals. You must take them thrice a day. Make sure to drink a lot of water.

  • If you are not comfortable with pills, you can use the liquid form of the extract. Use a dropper to take at least 20 drops of this liquid. Ideally, you should take this liquid 10-15 minutes before a meal.

  • In Indonesia, Garcinia cambogia is added in fish preparations. You may also add it to veggies or fish or chicken if the flavor appeals to you.

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Scientific Test Results

a. Nutritional Value

One of the key ingredients of Garcinia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid. It is also the main component that causes weight loss. Xanthones present in Garcinia cambogia have been found to help fight cancer. It is also a good source of Vitamin C and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

b. Efficacy

In laboratory animals, Garcinia cambogia extract has been found to be an effective weight loss agent. However, there are conflicting theories about Garcinia cambogia being the ultimate weight loss agent in humans as well. People who take the recommended dosage every day along with daily exercise have lost up to 2.9 pounds.

c. Purity And Safety

Hydroxycitric Garcinia extract pills available in the market are free from any heavy metals, and they do not cause mutation. However, it is always advised to get an expert opinion from your physician before buying these pills.

d. Label Claim

All the available Garcinia cambogia extract pills may deviate from the actual HCA content. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor and buy a good brand of these pills. It is best to use it in cooked foods or as soup.

Garcinia Cambogia Health Benefits

  • Aids weight loss.
  • Helps in treating parasites and worms.
  • Reduces joint pain as it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Helps the digestive system to function properly.
  • Helps to fight lung, breast, mouth, and gastric cancer.
  • Increases the RBC count in the blood.
  • Increases the exercising stamina in women.
  • Improves the metabolism rate of glucose

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Side Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia

There are a few side effects of Garcinia cambogia. These side effects are not long term, but may affect you till the time you take Garcinia cambogia for weight loss.

  • It can cause diarrhea.
  • It can cause headaches.
  • You may suffer from nausea.
  • You may suffer from dryness of the mouth.
  • It can also degrade the muscles.


  • If you are pregnant or in the breastfeeding stage, avoid Garcinia cambogia as relevant scientific data has not been published yet.
  • Do not overdose. To lose weight without exercising or altering your eating habits, you have to be patient. Overdosing will not help you. In fact, it can be fatal.
  • Avoid Garcinia cambogia if you are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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